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We maintain a directory of the most interesting and topical polls for your general entertainment. None of these polls are “scientific”, but do represent the collective opinion of everyone who participates. You can vote on any open poll.

You can also create private polls that you do not wish to appear in the directory. Create polls for your friends, family, customers, fraternity, etc. You can pass around a direct link to your poll or link to it from your own web site.


Helpful Information:

  • This poll website is for open users and register users also.
  • If you want to give your comments or suggestion on polling question so you have to do first click on polling question SubTitle and after opening the main page of polling question you can give your personal view on question by commenting. (this is for only register users)
  • You can give your poll in specifically one type of question like example: Sports. So you can go directly and click on sports which show in main page of www.pollkhol.net
  • If you Like our question so you have 2 options for click on Like button one is pollkhol.net own like option or you can click on facebook like button.
  • People who is interested to give us suggestion or they want to ask any question about personal feeling, idea, creativity anything so user who register in www.pollkhol.net can give us request for question under given e-mail address and we will ask your question in people request question category. ( this is for register users)


E-mail id: pollkhol876@gmail.com


  • People who want to Discuss or share some topics so they can join the Group & Forum. After this you can post your own topic & discuss with yours friends.
  • Register Users can send Friend Request and Personal Messages.
  • You can follow this Website on Facebook as well as on Twitter.


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