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Mr Trump has promised the biggest tax cuts since the Ronald Reagan era. He has pledged reductions across-the-board, promising working and middle-income Americans “massive” cuts.


The top 1% of earners would see their income increase by double-digits, while the bottom quarter gets a boost of up to 1.9%. But the Center for a Responsible Budget has also warned his plan would balloon the national debt.


Mr Trump says he will create 25 million jobs over 10 years, saying too many jobs, especially in manufacturing, are being lost to other countries. He plans to reduce the US corporate tax rate to 15% from the current rate of 35%, and suggests that investing in infrastructure, cutting the trade deficit, lowering taxes and removing regulations will boost job creation.


Mr Trump has criticised the Iraq War (although his claims that he opposed it from the start are unfounded) and other US military action in the Middle East. He has called for closer relations with Vladimir Putin’s Russia and says the US must make allies in Europe and Asia shoulder a greater share of the expense for their national defence and emphasises that US foreign policy must always prioritise American interests.

On the other hand, Mr Trump has also taken a hard-line stance toward combating IS and has even at times asserted the US should commit tens of thousands of ground troops to the fight. He professed support for Nato after previously calling the alliance “obsolete” and said it should do more to combat terrorism in the Middle East, maintaining that US allies should spend more on their own protection.


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